• jharnabaruah9 19w

    The place

    Do u know??
    How much I love you.
    The day when I entered,,it was tough for me to accept you,, because of the rural area..
    Today u r the most beautiful place which I never want to leave..
    Lots of memories are here,, which makes the bonding between u n me too strong..
    The shops,,the keepers,,, the beautiful view of my balcony,
    , The crush, gives me strength to love without expectations...
    The beautiful shankardev kalakshetra and silpogram,, famous for their contribution towards the spiritual and cultural upliftment of Assam and its people..
    My freedom,, gives me the actual happiness of life,
    That reminds that life is so beautiful. Life is beyond our imaginations..

    Therefore I love you panjabari