• deepika11 23w


    Loving someone is not tough but real courage is to be with that person forever. Yes, that needs courage and lots of hard work, every single day you have to put in to make the relationship functional.
    As much as you love him/her, do not let yourself be stuck with him/her any longer than you already have just because you are afraid to start over. It is understandable. You do not want to let it go because you have put so much effort into making it work and you have given so much of yourself to him. It is understandable. You keep holding on because you have invested so much time into the relationship and you have made so many memories with him. It is understandable. You refuse to give up because you have gone thru so much bullshit for the person and you have developed so much love for him. However, ask yourself. Like, really ask yourself. How much longer can you do this? How much longer can you be a part of a dysfunctional, unhealthy, and toxic relationship? How much longer can you continue to fight until it hits you that love is not enough anymore? How much longer can you settle for being unhappy and less than what he used to give you? How much longer can you forgive him for hurting you and making you feel like you are worth nothing? How much longer? Because as much as you love him, sometimes it is better to be alone than to be with someone who is slowly breaking you when you are already broken. Sometimes, it’s okay to let it go.