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    The moment I say the word 'MAN', you perceive a silhouette: around 6fts. taller or more with a chest that boasts and preserves the masculinity, a personality that commands submission, a moustache that holds all the pride in the world and a strength so fierce not just out of gallantry but because he is a 'Man'.
    Anyone missing out on any one or more, simply just doesn't qualifies.
    And then, he should be a 'gentle-MAN'.
    Does that even sound rational enough to you?
    When you say he's always fine, it's bcoz he is a man.
    When you say he's always insensitive- towards emotions and situations, it's bcoz he is a man.
    When you say he's a drinker and smoker, it's bcoz he is a man.
    When you say he's a pervert, it's bcoz he is a man.
    When you say he's ignorant, it's bcoz he is a man.
    When you say he's arrogant, it's bcoz he is a man.
    You know, there's actually a thing called 'personality difference'? And imposing these notions on them will never do any good- to either of us.
    Believe me when I say it- You just can't know a guy. Ever; You be his mother, his sister, his daughter, his friend, his lover or even his wife.
    The four confined walls of that closet where he lies as the clock strucks midnight; gazing and analysing the rotation of a ceiling fan- those walls will always know him the best, when he finally drops the massive weight of the veil of 'Who he should be', where he is his most authentic self. And 'Who he is?' Who cares about it then?
    So, I sit and I see.
    I see a brother hiding behind his sister as a lizard crawls towards him as he rests on a wall-side,
    I see a father squeezing the hand of his daughter as that injection needle finds its way under his skin,
    I see a husband crying in the lap of his wife just because he can't take it anymore- I guess more than their 'actual' problems, it's the stencil of a 'responsible and mature man' he is trying to fit in, since the day they got married.
    I see a boy finding comfort in the arms of his lover; his whole body drooping sweat except for his eyes: that oozes the blood-blood, out of repetitive blusters of mockery of how he'll never be just good enough for her.
    And all of this, all of this doesn't make these people lesser of a man; It only makes them more of a human.
    Isn't that what you really wanted in the first place?
    It's barbaric to base someone's existence on your terms.
    So please, Stop doing it.
    Stop doing it in the name of chivalry,
    Stop doing it in the name of pseudo-feminism,
    Stop doing it in the name of how badly you want banishment of patriarchy and chauvinism,
    Stop doing it in the name of you being the weaker and always dominated sex,
    And Stop doing it in the name of all those 'big-big' words that you don't even know the actual meaning of.
    Stop doing it whether you are a girl, a woman, a boy or none of them.
    And most importantly, To the man reading this- Stop doing this to 'Yourself'.

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