• sunrisesolicitor 24w

    For simplicity's sake

    She has no name, but she's always there
    She blows with the wind that ruffles your hair
    She calls your name out from the side
    She washes you away with the tide.

    It's hard to say exactly what she is
    A friend? A visitor? No, she's simply a mirror
    A reflection of yourself
    An ascesis.
    She's the voice in your head who never ceases her nagging
    Her torment with very few roots in reality
    Yet you listen to her voice because she takes on the form
    Of others you love
    Thus you transform.

    Out of the cocoon, the butterfly flies
    Graceful and elegant, out into the blue skies
    But one does not know at first glance that his sincerity lacks

    His antennas are fake
    The color of his wings impure
    His bright patterns a lie
    The body modeled by another.

    This voice in your head can be a he or a her
    It could even be something different, it matters only to you
    The point being that they are you
    But tell you "open your eyes, what you are isn't right".

    It matters not the reasons behind her actions
    Because the wind blows, and the leaves follow through
    Or so it is said, but is this true?
    In the end it isn't what we believe the wind is
    But rather how we interpret it

    And that's what she says.

    So be the wind and get her out of your head.