• amtorresauthor 31w

    Mother or Mom
    Where do I start?
    Knowing I love her
    For being my mom.
    Her strength is unmatched
    She gives without thought
    To seven she brought
    The struggles she fought.
    Losing herself
    For wanting to give
    To children who cried
    As she struggled to live.
    Little they knew
    So much she went through
    Giving her all
    When all turned their backs.

    So many roles
    This mother took on
    Taken away
    Losing so much.
    Dealing with hate
    Or envy perhaps
    Left on the streets
    With baby in hand.
    To say she is strong
    Is only one way
    Survivor is my mom
    Determined; Omnipotent.

    Mother I love you
    For all that you've done,
    The sacrifice made
    Your shattering heart.
    The worst kind of stomach
    You carried with me
    To endure it somehow
    Your strong love for me.
    Mother or mom
    We emptied our tears,
    We cling to our fears
    The past matters not.
    Since sixteen you fought
    You never gave in
    You came back to us
    My mother my friend.

    A.M. Torres