• rituparnadey 5w


    I am working and practicing into tattoo art around 2 months more and was obsessed with this when I was in class 7.
    After Entering into this I am like what's going on man. As per my knowledge I believe like art is a vast and broud Depthful like oceans are. Every day you learn something and gain some more thing. It's like one decade is lesser to know the whole history behind it.
    But very unfortunate those who are into this culture and practice they are not yet vast and broud by there mind and action of heart every place you can see more jealousy greed then accepting others hand to hand into this. I am like very sorry human mentality sometimes fucked up into this competition and rat world. Lesser man's accept and welcome betterment and development of others art and congratulate them and I am to know into this circle. Still I believe there will be 1%of ppl stay those who realy accept and indulge others to as a motivation into this life. It's feels like a new beginning of 2nd innings.