• jayfleck 6w

    Please God I need some assistants!! I wanna believe I was born for a purpose, my co- existence wasn't for nothing. I always second guess shit and I'm bottled up with a full package of questions.
    Will I ever fuckin let go of my sorrows and forgive?stop using my burdens as a path of excuses to every heartless actions I obviously love to commit? I'm bothered and I'm feel hopeless.
    Please I need a guide to direct me, tell me God am I on the book of death? I fear I'm closer to the dark bout to disappear into the hole I've been holding on for some time now. I'm losing my mind to the center of the earth, 25 long hard broken years of how the fuck I survived? I ask myself is anything I do worth doing or will it just die away slowing equivalent to my pride and the monster that's growing..