• such_a_shruti 5w

    The moment

    A moment,
    Floated away as quickly as it came.

    I was seeing him eye to eye after three years. Only our phone screens stood between us.

    His bright and confident smile competed my hesitant and nervous one.

    His eyes held mischief of their own, also they didn't fail to communicate an unknown language with me.

    He offered me his endless teasings alongwith a view of snow-capped mountains, clear blue skies and gentle sunshine on his face.
    I returned it with silly grin, nervous giggles, raced heartbeat and tremble of my hands.

    In that moment, I knew, what they meant when they say: it takes just one moment for you to realize that no matter what, you need this person in your life.

    And in this moment, I knew I needed him in my life. When, How, Why~everything seemed trivial.