• norththemorningstar 10w


    Have you felt so much love at once,
    That your entire body is paralysed,
    Watch back and relax when your lover drain away your strength,
    Death is actually how you feel,
    Strangely trust for that one person whom you so felt for,
    Has no idea how severe this damage is,
    And yet your soul crave every part of her being,
    If she is not the one than magic was never meant to be at least,
    And fiction was never meant to be magical,
    And romance was never meant to be loveable,
    When I say my love for her gives me strength.
    And what is meant to be is a lovable connection between us two with a romantic fiction.
    It only counts because are love is real,
    And they are fake and those who give is there full confidence believe they have the right to ours,
    They are wrong a gift converse no right.