• black_sheep 5w

    So we are actually worshipping a human.

    Whether it is Waheguru, Mahadev, Prophet Muhammad, Buddha or Jesus Christ. Every single god we worship was born as a human and died as a human which means we are believing in humans only.
    Maybe that's why it's said that God is everywhere.
    So the people who worship Sai Baba, Baba Ambedkar or Mahatma Gandhi are all same. We all are doing same thing.
    Then why did we started Religion when we can simply worship the person whom we believe, admire, love and respect the most because that's what we see in God too. We believe in him, we trust him that he will never let anything wrong happen to us, we admire him and love him. Doesn't it sounds like we are talking about our parents?

    To be continued...