• shreyasee_chakraborty 5w


    Your silence is killing me softly. I tried my best to ignore d feelings but failed to do so. You think I could move on? I'm sure u know me better than that. Pls stop doing this to me, stop disappearing. I need u here with me. Dont give me reasons that could make urself look like a fool who just surrendered himself in a war without fighting for glory. But if u weren’t deeply affected, as much as I am, u wouldn’t do tis to me at all.

    After all I’ve painfully, honestly told u. u're selfish and a quitter. a failure in making me feel comfortable and be loved by u. Only that ego of urs is telling u to shut up about it. u're not jus selfish but a BIG FAT LIAR. u couldnt even stand for my rights or our rights... u listened to other ppl and always stand up for them instead for me. u are always worried wat others might say about u wifout realizing ur actions have hurt me. a lot