• ink_and_solitude 4w


    I've lost count of the times I died
    The innumerable gashes now faint scars
    Marks of a rapist called life
    It's decisions, it's standards set in stone
    A rebel I was, a miserable fool
    Hunting ways to step out of the line
    Stitched together volatile dreams
    That exploded with a needle prick
    The reality never set in
    That there was a deep dark chasm
    A black hole beyond that line
    I fell with a thud and a crack
    Mewls and screams as life took its sweet time
    Breaking my bones one by one
    It's laughter ringing in my ears
    I died the day I waged a war
    I died each moment I took the road less travelled
    Because none of that worked in the end
    The world hadn't tried
    And a single being cannot break chains alone
    This time it was too late
    Somewhere at the back of my mind
    A mould of guilt and sadness
    I should have conformed