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    There was silence under the noisiness of the tree, which was singing praises.
    Silence the roar of calm between the cloaks of wind chasing pseudo
    Or silence the roar between the graves that walk with the mask of lust
    Look for unobstructed places
    And chase it because time has no mercy
    Wasting your sad tears only for him not the world
    Let stand the fire until you freeze
    until it grows sad mushrooms
    To be free from all festering wounds because your heart is damaged
    And let all the wild shadows pass by until they disappear
    Be quiet quietly until your lover comes
    Get rid of all the desire in your breath bag
    Follow the path of your blood, fill in the name of your lover
    Run the teaser, get rid of hatred even though it is rebellious
    Close your eyes, let the eyes of the soul erase the suffering
    Get rid of the world's suffering because there is more delicious suffering
    What was hidden between the wind that blushed blushed because it was caught carrying it away.
    And breathe in the fragrance of new flowers bearing the name of beloved love
    What is certain to come or you who stay away
    Sing your most romantic love song in blue embers on your shabby cup
    Leave the song of wounds and let them go away
    Throw away all the memories and wishes
    which is precisely what makes you vulnerable!

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