• rutvi6 10w

    The change

    When my heart sucks
    My eyes are red and dry are my lips
    When my heart sucks
    I can feel the rupture of blood as it suffers to slip

    When my heart sucks
    Words come slow
    But thoughts never stop their flow
    When my heart sucks
    It sucks so deep
    That I can't even breathe

    Now as my breathing has stopped
    You can guess in which place have I popped
    They call it heaven

    A place wished by all
    But the numbers who attain this is really small
    For you can't get there with money and greed
    It just requires a golden heart and peace
    A heart which beats to help others
    And peace which never appreciates its own deeds
    For others you live
    With no greed in your heart of money or fame
    And thats all of the game

    People there are so lively
    Full of life and happiness
    They aren't there because of their name
    But their deeds whuch gave them fame.

    It appears so much like a dream
    And suddenly!
    I can hear a devastating sound
    Emerging from the ground

    The sound is of the alarm clock below
    Ringing like a confused fellow

    My wake up this morning was not the same
    For I woke up to make a change
    Not in the dresses of mine
    Nor in my boots

    Today I stand to make a change in me
    A change which is really difficult
    A change to help,
    To understand,
    To love
    To live
    TO LIVE so that when I die my soul still lives!!