• purplesky 9w

    I was lost in my own life.
    Same fucking thoughts of you everyday, couldn't helped me realized my own worth.
    Cried everyday keeping the loud hide behind my pillow, holding it tight.
    I wanted to live the present.
    I wanted to grow.
    I wanted to be creative.
    I wanted to be alive.
    I still want to explore the world holding your hands and by seeing your true smile.
    But things aren't the same as always like in the beginning.
    I was being taken to the path where you made me feel better than my normal life.
    We change without even knowing by ourselves.
    We ignore without even knowing to ourselves and then we suddenly stopped looking back, after the things which make us complete.
    I loved you from than to now every single minute.
    But you got everything wrong and hided the most hurting things that effected and destroyed me.
    Don't do this people are not for eternity we realise their worth when they leaves everything just to give you peace.

    ~ Riya:)