• redrubie 9w

    You stand there with your eyes on me
    Your hands in the depths of your pocket
    Just like my eyes in yours
    And I see a calm ocean roaring
    With passion and zest
    Overflowing with the waves of romance.
    You were not my 'type', for sure
    For it included guys sleeping around
    Promising I was "the one"
    Heating up the sheets between us
    Warming up my body with only the touching
    Touching and thrusting, yes,
    But never warmed my heart with words
    With all the naked truths.
    Your arms scoop my careless self
    My recently shampooed hair lying recklessly
    On your half bare shoulder
    Barely exposed by your favourite white jersey
    As you tell me your little funny stories
    Of you hurting your butt while you tried
    To fit in your sister’s jeans as a part
    Of your infamous truth-and-dare game
    And the time when you almost got suspended from school
    Because you followed your crush to the girl’s washroom.
    Too much for women safety, I make a subtle sneer.
    You don’t post pictures on social media
    Because you think it’s the infiltration of your own vibe
    Feeling satisfied in other’s validation.
    Instead of thinking about captions and filters
    You make me mix tapes
    Of Bon Jovi and Bryan Adams
    And ask me to listen to them with you besides me
    Imagining us in a red Buick Skylark on a roadside
    Under the streaming moonlight
    As you call me your Black Magic Woman.
    We sing Hotel California together
    “Such a lovely place
    Such a lovely face”
    As you kiss the top of my forehead
    Tucking my strand of messy hair behind my ear.
    As we plan our movie date
    You complain that you cannot decide
    If you’d be able to watch the movie
    Because you’d fall deep admiring Madhubala’s elegance
    Because you claim her to be the most beautiful woman,
    Yes, more than I am for you, you tell me
    In all innocent honesty.
    You’re an old soul beautifully fitted
    In this meaningless world
    Where pretentious is THE word
    Because we all have grown to be a bit self-centred,
    Uncaring and just borderline ignorant,
    Justifying the 'self-care'.
    You, honey, are just a misplaced puzzle piece
    Wandering in the world of sins
    You don't deserve it,
    Sweeping me off my feet
    Sharing all your virtues
    In those and all moments, I promise
    I'd trade anything for you.


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    Because we all have grown to be a bit self-centred,
    Uncaring and just borderline ignorant,
    Justifying the 'self-care'