• thetorturedstories 10w

    Q. Actually I was in a relationship
    and we broke up because of family issues.
    That person is my bestfriend now.
    I know break up hurts & I'm genuinely
    sorry for what I did. But his friend thinks
    I knowingly created this family drama.
    This is some how effecting our friendship.
    Shall I leave him for his friend?

    Solution : Thank You for asking me this. There are many stories which face these things. I appreciate that you chose your family and on the other hand you made him your friend.
    These decisions of yours are tough. You will have to tackle everything one by one. Don't bother thinking what a third person is saying. This is a relation between you both and somewhere had accepted this relation so he is with you as a friend now.

    Don't leave him because of someone else's comment. What if oneday your family understands you and they allow you to go for him? So better nourish your bond with positivity and good thoughts. Stay honest with the person inspite of having such conditions. Good things are on the way. They will be delivered to you very soon.

    God bless, Take care