• soumi_mallick 6w

    The graveyard

    The home of a soul rests here
    Peace and immortality is gifted where
    None is pompy or highly is to be considered
    The ending of all creatures becomes the graveyard
    Deathly still aura and sanity it shrouds
    The utmost consciousness a soul profounds
    It's a place scary but not at the same
    Once laid here, unworthy becomes the name and fame
    Identity and beauty; after lying here none asks about
    Is there anyone to care whether you were weak or stout?
    The graveyard; only place you're left with after the soul abandons the body
    Days after you reach the graveyard forgets the world even your personality
    Accepting the end as it comes fathoming
    The graveyard provides the soul a new grooming
    The worldly pleasures won't bother you even
    The graveyard accepts the sinest of bodies with others; making it even