• twix_patel 9w

    Your Memories

    Feel this slow cool breeze ?
    They remind me of you.
    These pleasant rain and
    Moving trees;
    remind me of you.
    When the winds are strong
    When the cloud thunders,
    I remember you.
    When the rain drops
    Fall on my feet-
    Your face appears.
    When this sweet breeze-
    Touches my face
    I think of nothing
    But you.
    Your memories last forever
    In this little heart mine.
    My brain still remembers -
    The first time we met.
    When I think of you,
    My lips curls up
    And my cheeks blush.
    But now you're not here-
    How can I ignore it?
    How can I move on-
    When all I see is you &
    All I feel is love?