• xpressinfinity 23w

    A poem for me

    Rest assured
    You will relate to it
    A story that goes:

    Like many before it starts with a boy who is tangled in thoughts strangled by memories. A knot tied in his heart which only knows how to tighten.Long as it been since a long breath of relief has been taken by him.Can you relate?Ofcourse you can ! It's a common story felt by millions all over the world.

    Is that the reason people take this feeling lightly?Oh,it's just the same old feeling. You will get over it they say. But how do they know? Have they felt it to even begin to fathom the depths of despair someone is in to feel such an emotion.

    So let me continue with the story.He didn't have a heart of gold but it wasn't dark either. It just beats like a normal heart. But what made it different was the emotion it felt with each beat. The sense of undying love for someone or the numbness of the moment when he was all alone. Everything he felt was with the same heart that always beats the same.

    This is what the boy always thought when he heard this story.