• cateanne_aestheticflower 5w

    The world is full of act. No one knows what's real and what's fake. But always remember, behind those sweet lies was a bitter truth that will remain hidden and untold where only the person itself can unleash.

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    In a world that's full of judgement
    A girl was slowly putting up her mask hiding her true identify
    Revealing a sweet smile in the midst this cruel world
    Without them knowing that she's a catastrophe herself
    Behind those acts was a big wall that can't be broken easily
    Trying to hide away all the monsters inside her dwelling
    Acting innocent behind those devilish smile inside her
    Like a bomb waiting for it's time to explode
    A predator waiting for it's prey
    She's the girl who's wearing a mask each day
    A girl who's enemy is not just the world itself
    But also the real her between all those acts
    The devil behind those angelic face
    She's the girl who's fighting an inner battle
    A girl that has a big black hole in her heart
    A girl who chose to continue to live in fake and try to get rid of the real
    In order to protect herself
    From the hell that's slowly corrupting her