• ashraf_rehman 30w

    A message to her child

    My days of counting has began on the lone,
    Longing for the beautiful day to come.
    My little love! Do you hear me?
    Or shall I whisper to you through me!

    My little life! You are the moonlit of my life,
    I shall never look towards a lie, for you are my only love.
    Listen, innocent soul, each day you kick and play.
    My little soul! You make my empty life full of splendid joy.

    Do you hear me? Yes! Little life you! Yes!
    For the world you see through my eyes.
    They are cunning pack full of selfish nerd,
    For you shall never trust them nor be morally tired.
    Quite, Little soul! Don't you worry!
    Mom shall protect you till her breath's last life rally.

    Ah! My heart! One day you will beat and lim.
    On the bed of some cheerful night a tale will be told to you of reem.
    Oh my little soul! You shall sleep for the nights are dark,
    But, for the coming days are bright and you shall make me a mark.