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    THE CATASTROPHE OF EVERYTHING (Series of Different Topics)

    Part 2

    4. The One's from the Past.

    The other day one of my old friends slide into my DM's. I didn't know what happened I made sure that I won't be able to get contact by this one.

    But naturally this one made it telling things like.. "I saw you the other day I think? Your voice, I remembered that it was you. But I'm not sure cause it's dark. Can we see each other? I miss you." I hated it. One of the things that I hated the most is when people that hurted you and took advantage of you comes back from wherever saying that "ohh I value you, ooh I was wrong." STOP! if you really valued something YOU TAKE CARE OF IT ALL TIMES! Makes me think that they love the benefits that my presence brought, and not me exactly.
    And one more thing, this one be lying that he be not sure of it was me. Like "You were with me since we were 14. How can you not be sure if it was me." I have always experienced this year by year. People reconnecting to me like.." Can we stop this immaturity and be friends again!? " Duh. I am matured that's why I cut you off. I can't fake care or friendship especially love. Better to stay away than pretend.

    5. Can you feel how chaotic my mind is nowadays?

    I feel so pressured, and entertained with my life right now.

    Lost, Inspired, Happy, Confused, Inlove, Lonely, but excruciatingly happy at the same time.

    It's crazy can 2019 literally stop spitting fire already? I'm burned and happy at the same time.

    The song is wonderful enough to motivate me to go on, despite how crazy things are. #nature #love #travel #life #inspiration #friendship #diary #thoughts #poetry

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    PART 2