• incywincy 21w

    Ever feel so low
    That not even the most luminous lights
    Can light up your life?

    Ever feel so desperately in need of help
    Where you're completely out gunned
    In every aspect of life?

    Ever feel a million miles away
    From everyone you love
    And everyone who love you?

    Because what all of these have in common
    Is that they're testaments to your decisions
    For when hard times come in life
    And mind you, they will come
    The decisions you make will change your life forever

    So when you hear the drums at night
    Banging at your head on and on
    Rise. Awaken. Answer your call.
    Be the person you were meant to be

    And your answers are right in front of you
    As they have always been
    But you search for the mighty and all powerful solutions
    A doctor or a coach

    But if the most luminous light can't light up your life
    Use a candle.

    If no one comes for your help
    Help yourself.

    And when you feel a million miles away
    Hug that person. Your heart will feel inches away.