• blueriver2 9w


    Let's teach our children to respect boundaries even when they are not spoken out clearly.
    Let's teach them to speak out boldly when respect is not being served and walk away from such environment.
    Let's teach them to respects other people's values and opinion and still know theirs.
    Let's teach them that love is not synonymous to being submissive or controlling
    Let's teach them that it is ok to learn from others and make conscious changes where necessary.
    Let's teach them that the opinion of others doesn't define them.
    Lets teach them that mistakes made doesn't doom them as bad...but they are meant for one to learn from.
    Let's teach them that they should love themselves in a healthy way first in order to teach others how to love them.
    Let's teach them that moderation in everything is key.
    That honesty and sincerity is vital.
    That tolerance is important.
    That when the burden gets heavy its ok to find a kind compassionate soul to talk to.
    Let's teach them that life will keep going on!