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    If i failed let it be through
    your eyes and
    not mine.

    ��REMEMBER MIRAKEES. Temptation and evil are everywhere in the radio television internet apps pebbles always around us but it is not a part of us roam freely through the realm bro and siters


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    ♨We are the kings and queens of promise we are the victims of ourselves maybe the children of Lesser God Between Heaven and Hell

    ♨open book be an open book if happy....
    be an open book...with colorful art
    making us happy.
    it's sad.... Me and open book
    with colorful art making
    them happy.

    ♨Do or Die
    faith is coming that I know time is running got to go

    Thoughts figure out
    well if.
    reality is strong....

    no worry signs no alibi we faded faster than the speed of light took our chance crashed and burned no will never ever learn.

    ♨I fell apart but got back up again and then I fell apart but got back up again.

    ♨Realized it realize the things as soon as possible when it is with you when it's gone you wouldn't get another chance to regain it.

    ♨Choice it was just a matter of choice wrong raced boys to show he was right the right kept quiet waiting for success to make noise.

    ♨to love is
    to surrender, everything.

    though both wanted to Leave
    something still made them stop.
    thier love stood higher than
    their self-steem.
    ⚫ankita_singh_ 1997

    ♨I can walk trought your ruins
    I can walk the wreckage spilling
    out of your bones
    and adore your imperfection
    is what enough for you to let me
    submerged in your deserted Oasis.?...

    ♨Mirakee is a place of respect and honest feelings.. So be true and real and if it makes you happy we love Diffrent, akward, weird, unique, unusual, not human