• nothing_but_ashes 30w

    Happily ever after

    Slowly I entered their living room,
    It was a beautiful cozy place for a married couple to spend time in, their own little personal space.
    It had a huge portrait of the wedding day behind the mustard color couch.
    Walls were painted in light yellow and the color of sunset, there were potpourri and fresh flowers beside their television.
    Everything pointed towards their happy married life.
    Why did he bring me here?
    To show how happy he is with another women?
    Or to make me regret for leaving him?
    And suddenly one glance into his deep eyes and my heart scattered in different directions;
    For I knew he could be mine,
    Only if I kept aside my fears years ago.
    Flashbacks of our beautiful time together, started running across my mind.
    I wanted him, but now it was too late!
    To add to the misery I saw their 4 year old daughter!
    I slept in their house that day,
    In the morning I walked out peacefully
    The wife was a easy kill and the child?
    I thew her out of the window.
    Did I mention it was 8th floor?
    Hence, No one lived happily ever after.