• littleshypeach 22w

    first love

    you walk with your person through blackholes, and sat by the dock to watch the endless horizon change it's hue. 

    your person tells a joke and you pull your head back and laugh.

    the sound of your own laughter rings in your ears and it made you realize how long ago it has been since you last had happiness that was genuine.

    you realize that you have dwelt in the bitterness for too long that you have forgotten the sweetness of your own laughter and smile, you thought you would be stuck in the same rut forever, but it was only for a while.

    you start to feel warmth coursing through your body like a wave and it hits your cheek with a gentle tap.

    you let it sink in and you sit still as your smile meets your eyes.

    it was red, the color of a sudden euphoria in a living moments.