• dream_pen 4w

    might be...

    Things might change every day, every night
    as I woke up in the middle of the night
    fantasizing your manly scent that might.

    You're the crawling beast inside
    in my thighs slowly you give some bite
    I open and spread a bit
    just to feel your desire heat.

    Making me moan as you slid
    your tongue and own me just a bit
    I feel the grip of your hands roaming around my soft peak which makes me weep
    but still I found a little desires in my hip.

    I move as you lick my desire deep
    and moan a little like I was at the beat
    fiercely caressing my all
    with that I might fall for making me a fool.

    You might be the one
    I fantasizing but turns to nothing.
    Hope in the morning you might be
    the one I'm craving.