• maancylourembam 5w


    This frigid night reminds me of you;
    Of the chats we had
    As we walked the snow covered roads.
    Night seemed not to be chilly then
    Or I used to long for the night to arrive.
    The cold winds that blew
    To strike my face and mess my hair
    Didn't bothered me then;
    Or you grabbed all my attention.
    Holding your hand gave me warmth
    And motivated me to stay lively
    Even in that state.

    But now that long awaited night
    Is no more desired or longed for.
    Every moment visualises on its own
    Whenever the night arrives.
    The chats echoing in my mind
    Is filled with noise now.
    The unkind winds hit my face hardly
    And the frosty night deprives me
    Of my spirit to ramble alone.
    I wonder when will this intense night depart!!