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    "So tell me exactly, woman, what is your crime? Let me guess. Oh.. So you were an inhabitant of the planet Earth before he was born!"
    Ow. That.is.so.bad.

    You live in a twenty first century world where feminism and equality are the most talked about subjects. Women have been fighting for equality since time immemorial. So why does you having a younger partner raises eyebrows?
    Isn't it time when we get over with this? Like. NOW.
    Eyup. By now you've gotten used to cheerful "Oo you found your love!" to ridiculing, "I see...he he he." *duh?!*
    "Enjoy the experience dot dot dot," ** when you reveal his age.
    Having a younger partner is not about "enjoy the experience " bound to fail. Who are we kidding? If a relationship isn't meant to be it will be a failure, eventually. Despite the partners sharing the same age or older man-younger woman. The connection cannot be explained. You cannot explain why you connect with some people and why you don't with others. And yes..love has got to do with people not with people's ages.
    Since when did love have anything to do with age? Love knows no color no creed no religion no age no NOTHING!
    But if these people have their idea of love rooted into Medieval times and Dark Ages, well then, they're entitled to hold their opinions. But you my lady, have a heart, which is full of love.
    You're an ancient old woman who has found the one who connects with you who loves you so much AND who is younger than you! *O My God!*

    You're so privileged girl! Celebrate!
    To you who tag this love as a taboo, please sit back and keep judging. Who cares? Not me.
    I can site millions of examples where older woman and younger man are madly in love with each other! Where the affection never fades even if one of them leaves.. You got me! Our beloved Prophet (peace be upon him) had the same affection and respect for his beloved first wife, Hazrat Bibi Khadija, even after her demise. So much so that his youngest wife, Hazrat Bibi Aisha, would burn with jealousy.
    Remember love is free. And that's how it is meant to be. And that's how it should be. Love will always break the fetters of this narrow minded society. Where there is love there is way. ;)
    Before I wrap up do mark Mark Twain's words, " Age is an issue of the mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter."
    "She's in STD. 12 and he is in STD 9, imagine!!" *in hushed tones*
    I hope not to hear this again. At least not from you.
    Keep loving! 

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    So tell me exactly, woman, what is your crime?
    Oh.. So you were an inhabitant of the planet Earth before he was born?!" 

    Ow. That. Is. So. Bad.