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    To my daddy
    to my dad
    to my father
    to my old man
    to my parent
    to my stranger?
    You see no matter how many times I change the meaning it always leads back to you being a stranger
    Those other words never seemed to move my lips to crease the words to you
    I apologize in advance if this makes you uncomfortable
    Seems we have a lot more in common
    I didn’t know
    See we both don’t talk to strangers we don’t know
    And we both bite our tongues long enough it hurts
    We have the same blood line running through us
    Who would’ve known
    And my 5”8 frame you would have thought I was your child
    Or maybe it just runs in the family
    Individuals asking me why we don’t speak
    As if I created you and you hate me
    I raised you up to be a young man
    But you rather play in the street and get females knocked up and leave
    Now I’m standing on the front porch begging you to take your kids something to eat
    Everyone looking at me in disbelief because this ain’t how I brought you up
    Who would have known it would have come to this
    I should have loved you better
    I should’ve been there for you when you needed me
    And now you’re all grown up
    Your kids calling me
    Asking when you coming back
    You making excuses to me as if I ain’t heard them all
    Why we don’t speak
    his kids don’t call him
    his kids don’t check on him
    his kids don’t feed him
    his kids ain’t want him no more and neglected him
    and went on with they life
    Only if that’s how the story went
    Because it seems like I’m the one writing this truth

    -denisha renee-

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