• hrithikjain 9w


    What will you do, if i leave you?
    Will you cry because i leave you without any reason?
    Will you start messaging me over and over again untill n unless i respond?
    Will you see wether i am online or not?
    Will you come to my home, and hug me?
    Will you pray to god, so that i can come back into your life?
    Will you start hurting yourself, because i am not interested in you?
    Will you convince your friends, so they can convince me?
    You know what i want from you?
    I just want you to miss that there was a person who always been your side
    Who always look for you as a "FATHER"
    Who always care for you as a "MOTHER"
    Who always make you laugh as a "CLOWN"
    Who always show you the right path as a "TEACHER"
    Who always love you more than anything.

    But one thing that hurted me alot and that is " I WAS NOTHING FOR YOU"