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    Age of the Offender
    The offender can be either young or old i.e. above 18 years of age or below 18 years of age.
    e.g., there are several reported cases in which extremely minor girls aged 4 and 5 years have been
    sexually assaulted by senior citizens including grandfathers etc. Similarly, there are several cases
    in which 13 or 14 year olds have abused their own classmates or other children.
    However, it is important to understand that children do sometimes indulge in/ experiment
    with some kind of sexual activity. Caregivers and protectors must be aware of age and
    developmentally appropriate sexual activity among children before they label any child as a
    sex offender.
    A simple reading of POCSO Act suggests that:
    • Any person (including a child) can be prosecuted for engaging in a sexual act with a child
    irrespective of whether the latter consented to it.