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    This verse was a result of an actual encounter that traverses back to March of 2017. I came down from the metro in search of a rickshaw where I saw a man slapping the rickshaw driver for not keeping his vehicle with the alignment alongside the road. It was hard for me to believe that the impatient nature reigns the mindsets of many. People often find it interesting to even shoot and it hardly carries a subject of surprise these days keeping in mind the ignorance and fidgetiness lurking in their cerebrations.

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    The dawn of impatience

    Just when I was lurking beside the pavement,
    Of a rather diligent quite negligent metropolis,
    I discovered the grey in the coloured lights,
    An emotion drenched in the fluid of impatience,
    Sleeking vigorously in the nerves of characters,
    Endlessly and interminably disrupting their work
    Contradicting my statement of diligence but encouraging negligence
    Enraging the very anger deep inside their brains
    Making them a prey to civil war.
    A man slapping the other just for the sake of his impeccable morality
    The morality constituted with certain flaws which he obviously cannot detect
    And then teenagers representing fierce actions
    Aligning their education, such that it has no platform
    I wonder where this anger comes from
    Because we aren't developing ethics,
    We are just acting illiberal.

    Harmeet Singh