• prabhatkattel_ 5w


    There she is
    Gossiping about someone again
    Her uninterrupted rants
    Her ambiguous gestures
    Seems like something of great business
    But, I know, it is as useless as eyelashes and nail polishes

    Here I am
    Looking straight through her
    Expecting her to at least take my name once or twice
    But she never does, never did

    Here I am
    Holding her image in the depth of my chest
    That has scratched my heart and bled me time and again

    **Oh heart, pity-pity
    So many times you are broken and mended
    Oh girl, pity-pity
    I had mended my heart again just for you**

    There she is
    With all the restlessness worrying about impermanence
    Here I am
    With all the truth hanging onto her for eternity

    Like every sweet thing in this world
    Unreciprocated and unreplenishable.