• saarah_kalin 11w


    Life has different definitions according to different people.
    For some, life is all about accumulating wealth.
    For some, life is all about building a family and living "life" as it is.
    For others ,life is all about engaging in academics.
    Yet for others, life is all about art.
    For many life is about love.
    For a few, life is all about religion.
    For philosopher like Socrates life is about happiness.

    What if we look at life
    As a combination of perfection and imperfection.
    Some days everything seems to be in place
    And everything is happening just the way we want it.
    Happiness and serenity
    And we're comfortable just where we're.

    But suddenly the wind blows
    And we're tripping and falling
    Loosing ourselves and living in hopelessness
    We're at crossroads and feel like giving up!
    But we should remember,
    I want you to remember,
    Tripping is okay
    Falling has to happen
    It's okay to want to give up
    But you know what's not okay,
    Staying on the ground once you fall!

    Look at the flowers
    One season they're in blossom
    And they're just so beautiful to look at
    But then a time comes and they wilt and wither.
    But that's not all
    At a later time they bloom again!
    So just like the flowers
    Never give up on your life
    Your patience will be tested
    But if you don't give up
    If you get back on your feet every single time you slip and fall
    Believe me you, in the end
    It's going to be worth it.