• aletheia_99 6w

    Stupid Girl

    I'm blocking ya out,

    'Cause I never impress ya.


    I tried everything,

    To make ya think of me.

    It's like you can't even see me.

    Why can't you see me?

    I'm standing right over there,

    Watching you walk right on by.

    She's a beautiful kind bombshell type.


    Long blonde hair,

    Bright sea green eyes,

    And smile that could light up a city block.

    I know what you see,

    But couldn't you just try me?

    I keep prayin' for you to look my way,

    Mama says you don't deserve me,

    Daddy says you're not worth it,

    My brother says you're gay,

    My cousins say you're an idiot,

    But you never look twice.

    I'm a smart girl,

    I don't have to spend my time,

    Waiting around for something,

    That's never comin' my way.

    But I keep throwing pennies

    In a wishing well anyway.

    Can't you see I want you?

    I guess wanting never did change,

    The direction of the tide.

    Stupid girl,

    I should've known.

    Baby, I was naive.


    Sometimes things don't work out

    The way we thought they would.

    At seventeen,

    We thought we had it all figured out.

    I thought maybe it'd work out,

    This time the sunshine would smile

    Down on us.

    Cupid's arrow would strike a cord,

    In you.

    This ain't a fairy tale,

    This is real life.

    I'm not a princess,

    I'm a dork in ripped jeans.

    Our names aren't intertwined in the stars.

    So I take a step back,

    One step,

    Two step,

    Three step,


    'Cause you'll never love me,

    The way I want you to.

    Stupid girl.