• goddesssasha 10w

    The Other Us

    Whole, broken, healing;
    The changing seasons of us.
    Our pain so intimate, at times
    or as distant as the miles between us,
    Elation during times of ease,
    Interspersed with occasional awkward togetherness,
    Tipsy afternoons and a perfect kiss.

    Whole, broken and healing,
    prying each other open without permission,
    Whilst loving away shame,
    and releasing that which others told us were ugly.
    Or, the moments that were not the way we dreamed it,
    not what we had hoped for,
    or asked for.
    Parts we want to skip,
    Sleep through, until we get back to bliss.

    Whole, broken, healing…
    It’s in the way we continue to love,
    Beyond the physical or emotional separation;
    Sharing sorrow, like a slow dance,
    filled with eloquent, yet searing silences,
    when there are no words.
    But even if,
    there’s an incredible beauty in having known
    a season of committing,
    to the incredibly beauty of a soul like yours.  
    Words can never adequately express,
    how it feels to have you
    in my life.

    Whole, broken or healing,
    we are beautiful.
    You are beautiful.