• lookkey 5w

    Daughter in Rio

    "I'm burying my daughter,
    who hasn't lived at all."

    How can we read words,
    quotes like that?
    How can we know....
    that Emily, and Rebeca,
    beloved, brilliant, black children
    born in Rio's tired-of-the-crossfire-streets
    were shot down in front of their own homes?

    Do we imagine our little ones
    falling over,
    blood dripping on snow angels
    we made the day before?
    Blood on birthday presents,
    Blood on our souls.

    This is not us and them.
    This is the story of what happens
    when the whole world forgets.

    He's burying his daughter
    who hasn't lived at all,
    yet, I swear I can hear his tears drop.
    A world away, but I can feel his pain.