• aaronkins 50w


    I am awake but yet half asleep
    My life is nothing I dreamed it to be
    Everything I believed, I believed it false
    My soul is stretched, my bones are bent
    Nothing makes any sense,
    My voice fades into thin air
    Calling out, but no words heard
    My tears fall as fountain, yet the land is dry as the desert
    She told me she loved me
    I knew it false, yet I believed it true

    Dreams turned to stone
    Love turned to hate
    A life I have grown to despair
    A world I dread to look upon
    She broke her words, she  tore her vows
    She broke my heart, I broke my back
    I lost my way, I lost myself
    Hear me please and tell me why
    This pain I cannot bear
    All alone, with no words, no friend
    Stuck with you, my forever is dead

    Memories of you seem to creep around the corners of my mind
    Endless haunting images of your face that won't decline
    An overwhelming of emotion that my body can't contain
    Fills my soul with unbearable grief, sorrow, and pain.