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    Disheartened to learn that we won't get to see more of you. But then everyone has a life and that's entirely your prerogative. But on this day, I want to pen down the impact you had on our lives, including mine. First of all, thanks for reaffirming our faith in the belief that people from the small towns can make it big too with the right amount of perseverance and passion. I happen to be an admirer of yours from the initial years of your career when I caught glimpse of an Indian cricket debutante with thick lustrous locks hitting sky-kissing shots up in the air, the first time on television. That's where the gully cricket boy in me fell for you! I mean I had never been a cricket freak like most of the boys and men but seeing you bat was another level of dopamine hit in the veins!

    Now you're departing and well, I have nothing much to say but thanks... thanks for making us believe that dreams do come true if chased ardently. Thanks for giving that shot to your first cricket offer in school, else we'd have certainly missed out on a legend winning us our long forsaken honour and glory. Thanks for telling us that settling is never an option and if you aspire to be something then work your ass off it! Thanks for telling us that even if things don't go our way, one shouldn't lose their cool and persist silently. We all bump into that train of passion, yes I call it that way, at some junction of life sooner or later. It is that dilemma we've to fight and step in before it passes off. Thanks for showing us the same. Talking of showing, let's not forget the man who essayed you casting a magical charm to your larger than life story, SSR. Visuals speak louder than words and my love for you reached seventh heaven after I witnessed your story on the reels, as is the case with most of your fans this day and in your heart of hearts, you yourself might be aware of this as it would have dawned upon you that you owe a substantial amount of gratitude for all the love and affection bestowed upon you today to SSR for immortalizing your glory. May the humble soul rest in peace. But it couldn't had been done with by any other actor. The struggle of a man who's slogged hard to reach the top and excelled had to be portrayed by an identical man, right? Lastly, thanks for giving us those countless moments to hoot, cheer and celebrate amongst friends, family, and many a times, amongst acquaintances becoming friends in the process. Thanks for showing us that one should always commit to their priorities, excluding all forms of humanly aspects including love... your priority being cricket and your country, always. To conclude I would say, it was an innings well played and we thoroughly enjoyed the show. Thanks for making it worthwhile. By the way, remarkable choice of the day, Captain. Happy Independence Day, Lieutenant Colonel Mahendra Singh Dhoni! ❤️


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