• ericwk 4w

    There Within

    You had your Barbie & your handsome Ken.
    Many days then; you played alone: as life.
    Quite some time ago; so way back when.

    Each doll had a certain pose.
    Pressed within a hardened plastic.
    What was all about those 'tight-fit' clothes?
    'Made in China' print, marked upon their asses.

    Destined to be paired together, yet sold separately.
    Bought each alone, in a peek-aboo cellophaned box.
    Little girl days led of make-believe; you alone, on patient knees.

    Eventually you chose to rename one of them.
    Since you learned, with this independence.
    Played as if a Mom; however: that 'Ken';
    as boyfriend, you often pretended.

    Afternoons of boundless playful imagination.
    Maked-believed of much, this or that: & waited.
    Your vivid daydreams held in youthful hibernation.

    Memories have played, in those moments you'd pretend.
    Whether you realized then; your own creative Self: happened.
    Things that mattered if silenced since,
    matters even more to Be & life itself: extends.

    It's beyond your control; it's all meant to Be.

    To this day be thankful for your Voice within.
    It comes to us eventually, so very Deep.
    That Girl becomes a Woman; a vibrant Poet:
    Your Spirit soars, & spreads, & speaks.

    Bless you for all you've ever imagined,
    May your words speak to forever,
    as all you've written; is read: as happens.

    There within.
    It is, of You. – Your poetry: lives.

    ©ericwk ~ an EWK Poe'em