• steviepietro 6w


    the whispers, the promises
    continues to linger in the air
    shaded by gore and blood
    now she's long gone
    to a place I can't pluck her
    from, the metal has done
    its worst and I'm left in pieces.....

    she didn't love you.
    she just didn't want to be alone.
    or maybe you were just good for her ego.
    or maybe you made her feel better about her
    miserable life, but she didn't love you.
    because you don't destroy people you love.—

    it was all an illusion, I realised
    after moons have crossed
    I was a fool to believe I could
    tame the beast in her heart
    but I know I tried my best
    the fiery flames from fires
    has hardened this poor soul
    and I'd never be the same again.

    ©steviepietro & ©InnoCent