• deepikaagrawal_ 20w

    “Something is missing in my entity…….”

    I am unable to cope up with the surroundings,
    Although it has all my belongings.
    Each creature is close to my heart,
    But feels apart, feels apart.
    Can’t understand these capricious thoughts of being fudged and a deep fright of being judged,
    But never thought to get rid of my own being,
    Always tried to demystify myself that whatever happens is for good,
    But this evil side of mine pushes me towards being clod,
    ‘cause something is missing.
    In this histrionic facet of entity found a jewel , full of life and glory , who only says that keep smiling , keep smiling.
    I think I found my missing that was nothing but a meager or lavishing smile,
    which was indeed worthwhile..