• ayushsangwan 9w

    what we think is so different
    from what we say
    feelings morph into words
    sometimes from mother tongue into
    any other language
    often it is that we have seeds in mind
    and lips are talking about trees
    it was a small rubber band and you
    stretched it to shoot at someone
    but words should be used wisely
    for they are like water, they evaporate
    into clouds and rain down into drops
    so remember what you have seen rising
    will be falling on you soon
    sometimes feelings look for words
    and when they can not find them
    in the cupboard or under the bed
    they use a replacement
    so what we had felt is so different
    from what others know about that
    and all these wrongly translated
    poetries that we sing loudly
    doesn't know the actual meaning

    - ayush sangwan