• aimen_iqbal 22w


    Lingering arguments amongst them
    On relative ferocity of the beasts
    Some say, “The king of the forests, the lion
    With blood thirsty eyes, greets
    And your skin with the veins beneath
    Together with the taste of blood makes his feast.”
    Others argue, “Haven’t you seen the sharpest teeth
    Of the merciless sharks beneath
    The blue water running so calm?”
    Then there are those who fear the snow
    Saying, “None can compete with the gray wolves
    Smelling the scent of your blood flow.
    Can cause your skin amend to shreds
    Scattered over your own blood beds.”
    Whilst they argue who can destruct the most
    I smile through distance knowing the raw truth
    It was no ferocious beast or haunting ghost
    Through whom mayhem was borne the most
    The feeling of loss and grief in this calm universe
    The feeling of death before death, one who imparts
    Is no one else, but the mankind himself-
    A beast aiming directly at vulnerable hearts.
    ~Aimen Iqbal