• jamareeraymoore_poetry 6w

    Untitled, Part 5

    "Destiny is something that can't be seen or Touched,
    So don't try to reach out and grab it as it can't be Clutched,
    Searching for all of the tools that require me to be Great,
    Got to find a way to success even if there's a lot on my Plate,
    The tough times are to be expected, as even superheroes at times don't don their Capes,
    Sometimes even getting hurt as they deal with the bumps and Scrapes,
    But as the tough times come, that's when I have to rise up to the Occasion,
    I won't let that darkness win and come in so it can cause an Invasion,
    Even though I'm at the bottom of the ladder, I'm working my way up back to the Top,
    And I'm going to give everything I have inside of me and drain all of my energy to the very last Drop ..."