• poet_yliyah 9w

    Elijah Wilson

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    Purification to the whole damn Nation the only
    time we really chill is when we blazing other
    than that you might see a black body chalked up on the pavement unify gang affiliation there are
    children Minds with corrupted information the Earth we live on has no separation to the realm
    of hell hidden door in Hollywood opens and closes in where the devil dwells tortured Souls
    tormented by the memories inside of a cell down there and enhance is more than your
    feelings emotions and your brain cells so surely don't fell and it's likely live and yet it's full of sin
    you're Blinded By The Veil that was put on your eyes if it's a curse in disguise we was taught
    more than white lies the educational system that we fell victim to and the further future will
    be facing so many Financial issues.

    ©Elijah Wilson