• mrigakhi 10w

    Soul that never wants to come back.

    He peeped his eyes,
    From the heaven.
    Searching for his mother in the earth,
    Wondering how his sick mother was,
    Worried if his terrible father would do harm,
    Harm to his mother.
    Worried if his mother dies in the same way,
    In the same way he died,
    killed by the hands of his father.
    A thought used to run,
    Run always in his head.
    Wants to go back,
    Rescue his mom,
    From the hands of the evil.
    But today he is afraid,
    Afraid to go back to earth,
    Face his evil father.
    Worried if his left over soul,
    Will also be taken by his father.
    Today he is a soul,
    He is a soul that never,
    Never wants to come back home.